The First Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong) (BRIFE) 2018

Event Frequency:



27-29 June 2018


AsiaWorld-Expo (Hong Kong)

Event Type:

Trade EXhibition, B2B & G2B

Event Scale:

1,200 booths from over 35 countries & regions

Booth Fee:

Standard Booth - USD 4,100 up (9 sqm each)


Exclusive Agent

in Canada:

The organizer of BRIFE 2018 FMC Exhibition Company Ltd. authorizes North America Investment Association as an exclusive agent in Canada.


10% off the booth fee, if Canadian companies register through North America Investment Assn.

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Steering World Food Industries to New Opportunities

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) provides a visionary blueprint for global economy in 21st centrury, brings new opportunities to promote the prosperity and development of the developing countries and emerging economies along the Belt & Road (B&R). “Food is heaven”, the development of agriculture and food industries is the highest priority for the majority countries along the B&R. With the launch of BRI, the “Unimpeded Trade” creates unprecedented opportunities and tremendous potential for the agrifood industries. Hong Kong is renowned as an international hub in finance and trade, countries to playing the role of “Super-Connector” under the BRI to provide an ideal platform for promoting business development and financing cooperation in the agricultural and food industries.

Under the theme “Steering World Food Industries to New Opportunities”, The First Belt & Road International Food Expo (Hong Kong) (BRIFE) 2018 aims to promote the “Unimpeded Trade” via forging a one-stop professional platform for global agrifood trade and investment cooperation, help to explore, share and create the businesses under the BRI. BRIFE has received strong support from major supporters Invest Hong Kong (the Government of the HKSAR), Meetings & Exhibition Hong Kong (A Division of Hong Kong Tourism Board) and the Belt & Road Global Development Alliance. BRIFE is also honored with 4 senior officials from Chinese central government, 4 countries’ Ambassadors to the PRC, 13 Consul-Generals in Hong Kong and 11 prestigious community key leaders to join our Honorary Advisory Board. The Expo will provide 1,200 booths, exhibitors from over 35 countries and regions around the world will participate.



Under the theme “Steering World Food Industries to New Opportunities”, serves as the core theme of the event. Utilize this theme, we have organized five exhibition halls of separate food specialties, namely the ‘Food Trade Hall’, ‘Snack Food Hall’, and ‘Halal Food Hall’, which present numerous food product categories of new culinary flavors and innovative products to all international buyers along the ‘Belt and Road’ countries and regions. BRIFE newly introduces ‘Investment Hall’ and ‘Professional Service Hall’ to provide collaboration opportunity for G2B and B2B large-scale investment. It brings together a variety of professional service providers, such as, legal, tax & accounting, logistics, cross-border e-commerce and quality certificatio, etc.


Food Trade Hall


Snack Food Hall


Halal Food Hall


Investment Hall


Professional Service Hall





■ Snacks and Biscuits

■ Seafood

■ Meat and Poultry

■ Diet Food

■ Halal Food

■ Dairy Products

■ Rice & Noodles

■ Health Food

■ Canned Food

■ Organic Food

■ Frozen Food

■ Bakery Products

■ Dehydrated Food

■ Beverage (Alcoholic)

■ Beverage (Non-Alcoholic)

■ Sauce & Seasoning

■ Processed Food

■ Confectionery & Sweets

■ Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

■ Convenient & Instant Food

■ Oil & Cerals / Pulses & Grains

■ Others


■ Logistics

■ Bank

■ Accounting

■ Taxation Service

■ E-commerce

■ Legal Service

■ Financial Service

■ Investment Fund

■ Food Packaging

■ Quality Certification

■ Food Processing Machinery

■ Food Equipment &Technology




BRIFE 2018 - a trade show with the best cost performance

  1. It could simultaneously attract potential buyers in three major markets:
  • Buyers from countries along the Belt and Road in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe;
  • Buyers from the Mainland China; and
  • Hong Kong local buyers. When Hong Kong High Speed Rail starts operation in 2018, it will link to the nationwide high-speed rail network of China. BRIFE will become more convenient for Buyers from mainland China to visit and shop. About 70 million residents in Guangdong can go shopping in Hong Kong at any time. Therefore, the size of Hong Kong's local food and consumer market should not be overlooked.
  1. BRIFE has a Snack Food Hall and a Halal Food Hall. As consumption standards increase, there is a great demand for diversified healthy snacks by people all over the world. The global halal food industry has a total value of 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars, of which 80% depends on imports. Designed for Muslims in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia, the Halal Food Hall is attractive to these buyers.
  2. BRIFE also has an Investment Hall and a Professional Service Hall. It is an excellent platform for Canadian businesses to participate in the infrastructure construction projects along the Belt and Road and to expand the export of Canadian professional services. They can:
  • Meet relevant investment promotion agencies in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road;
  • Learn more about the investment environment in the food industry, investment cooperation projects,
  • Explore opportunities for B2B and G2B investment and cooperation projects,
  • Find the great demand for various professional services, as the bilateral and multilateral business activities in the countries along the Belt and Road are ever-increasing.

For details, please download BRIFE brochure.




NAIA will organize a Canada Pavilion at BRIFE 2018 to showcase Canada's high-quality food, investment, financial and professional services industries to all Belt & Road countries, and to develop actively this huge export market with great potential. The Canada Pavilion will consist of:

  • 10-15 or more food exhibitors who are wholesalers, distributors, or sale representatives of various food products including wines, groceries, dried fruits, snacks, natural health foods, health products, seafood, spring water, nutrition drinks, candy, crackers, granola, seasonings, etc. ;
  • 1-2 or more investment and financial exhibitors, including financial services firms, private equity firms;
  • 1-2 or more professional service exhibitors, including logistics, construction and engineering companies.

We will invite as many food exporters, financial services and professional service providers from all provinces and territories of Canada as possible to participate in BRIFE 2018.

We will also invite Agriculture and Trade Ministers of Canada and some provinces as guest speakers to attend the first Belt & Road Agrifood & Trade Summit, to discuss and exchange views with many agriculture and trade ministers from countries along the Belt and Road regarding the demand in investment and development in agriculture and food industry, the opportunity and challenge of cooperation brought business collaboration under the Belt and Road Initiative.